The Greatness of the Woman

Явор Емилов Тодоров (явор64)

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The house was with slightly different architecture from the suchlike old houses around and it was in it that the party would take place - it was the birthday of Detelina. When Yavor entered into the hall, he saw before him - he would never believed - Ralitsa, which smiled to him and said: "Hello, Yavor!", as if nothing had happened, and they had not seen each other for so long, so many time had elapsed since they had met and he had begun to romance her over the phone that Yavor wasn`t already knowing whether actually they had not already separeted, even before they joined, and because of it he thought to frowned and not answer at all, guys go to a party hoping to get acquainted with a new girlfriend and not to sip the grief of the failure, but he congratulated her, of course, with his best smile: "Hi, Ralitsa!"
This meeting with the girl that he loved so much filled his heart with the thrill of expectation: "And if now? Maybe it will be this time when the miracle will happen and the love between them will blaze up with renewd vigor as the first time when their relationship had on him a magical effect?"
From the tape-recorder on the small table music was flowing but it was not just for dancing and no one was dancing. The sweets and the small cakes were in the kitchenette. So, Detelina, the first friend of Todor and Yovka and thus a friend of him was living here. She was living here with several other girls, they were students of French literature and moreover at the party there was a girl who was studying Spanish Philology, together with his friend, semi-Spanish, semi-Bulgarian who told interesting things about Spain. And Ralitsa had studied in the Spanish class of the French college. As if the party was directed to both them to meet again. Although their meeting was again a result of pure chance.
- How small is the world! - Ralitsa said as she sat down against him. He was sitting on a chair and she lolled in the bed, uncovering the fresh maiden flesh of her exquisetely sculpured thighs. Her thighs were with the pink skin of Aphrodite and he stared at them. She made another one would-be accidentally move and her panties of young girl were shown, and they were snow-white, as if they were bought specially for the occasion. And he was looking at them, staring, unable to take off his eyes of them. It was summer and she was wearing a sheer dress - white with two large pink triangles widthwise of the skirt and the upper part of her body. And her bikini of morning's goddess were lily-white, as if just bought and inspiring a sense of purity and girlish exquisiteness. What is needed to the man to fall in love madly and passionately as he did. Nothing more than this great girl, the greatest girl in the world that now was unfolding for him this erotic spectacle, but at that time he did not realize it, as if it was not quite obvious that she was asthenic, painfully weak and this kind of disease prevented her love aspirations, no, he was not understanding - otherwise he would not fall ill into psychiatry with severe depression and even doubts about schizophrenia.
- I was lying in psychiatry! - he told her in her eyes, blue as precious turquoise and that was because I was in love with you!
- Oh, Yavor! - she said. - Do not blame me for anything because I am not guilty of anything, Yavor!
- In the morning I woke up, tied to the bed as Jesus Christ and asked about you, but you weren`t there, in the psychiatry!
She said nothing.
- May I see you home?
No, he didn`t ask her about it and it was his only mistake because shortly afterwards she was gone.
- Oh, - said Eleonora with disappointment, - she was this type of women always ready to make a match. - Oh, Yavor, I thought you would go with girlfriend tonight! I blame you that you did not it!
The accusation was serious and she was prepared to be angry at him, as if she wasn`t understanding that everything had depended only from her, from the big little woman, the asthenic Ralitsa, which only for him had acted out an erothic spectacle worthy of a Hollywood actress.
- Five times her panties were seen! - Todor said when shortly after they both went away from the party. - Big slut, all I can say. She can turn the head of every man. You can not get laid her, it could be done only by someone as me, experienced. If I wasn` right now already with Yovka, I` d be with her now, since you can`t. Yavor was keeping silent.
-Big slut! - said Todor again. - Five times her panties were seen!
They parted in front of the underpass of the National Palace of Culture. Yavor took the trolley for the University. He was siting in the trolley, well-known buildings, cafes, illuminated advertisements were passing before his eyes. The trolley was taking him away and he was staring through the glass the well-known buildings, advertisements,  lights.