(a fool)

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I want to tell you a special something. And this time I want the whole damn world to hear it. Much more than that actually – I want the whole damn UNIVERSE to hear. Some people say I’m crazy, some simply say I’m a fool. They’re all wrong. I am neither one of these. Lonely – yes. Lucky – well, maybe, I am not so sure anymore. In any case, I would have never thought this to be possible until shortly after I met you. Never, you know? Letting someone so deep under my skin so quickly was never my thing. Of course, when I realized what had happened it was already too late. Very, very late. Everything was different by then. With you around I was myself again. I was complete. Throughout my life I've had my ups and downs, just like anyone I guess. Hope and hopelessness, joy and sorrow, love and hate, you get the picture...
You, however, this was about me telling YOU that special something. Oh, I actually kind-of did already. Unsaid, still somewhere here, between these words…