What you ask for and what you get

Вайлет Р. Кецкарова (allyvrk)

Раздел: Проза на чужд език  Цикъл: Reflections EN

“Just how much torture do you think you can take, little one? Look at you, all skinny to the bone! You think you’re stronger than us? Don’t you understand, give us what we want. We need it as badly as you do. What’s the difference?” “Just shut up. And give me another nail. I’ll do it myself.” One of them doctors, in their black gowns, like the ones they give you in university, when you have finished your studies and learned a lot, stepped out and slowly inserted a tiny needle into her upper left chest. They probably went to university as well. They probably knew. They had all this advanced technology that they brought to her planet. How could they not know? As soon as the needle penetrated the skin, it thickened to the size of a nail and thousands of small hair-thick metal needles shot right through; one could see them sizzling and burning whatever was under the skin, scorching the outward layer. It got red and blistery. Brownish and bluish spots marked older drills. It looked out through the window bars. “Oh no, no. We don’t want you dead, we need to torture you in perfectly measured doses. You know, you and I, we’re not that much different, little one. Look at your history. Your race has done many terrible things to survive. Look at your politics – your chieftains keep sending your own to fight against each other. You keep destroying plant and animal species that have peacefully coexisted for years before human hand touched them. Why? Because you needed them to survive. You needed their space, you needed their energy. You needed them for food, for medicine, for amusement. You needed them to reassure your existence.” It paused. Then turned its big crystal-clear eyes to her. Just to meet her soft and loving gaze. She wouldn’t give in. “Tell me, what are we doing differently, little one? We only need that one thing from you. It’s been so easy for your race, it’s what destroyed your planet. Release it! How can you be so stubborn? Give it to us!” “Never! – she cried out. A sparkle of rage in her fading voice. “Never, you, monsters! You will never have my Hatred! Because… I Love… You! Till death parts me from you. I Love!"” She gasped for one final breath.