“I’m a leaf on the wind”

Вайлет Р. Кецкарова (allyvrk)

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Do you know when you hear a phrase and it sticks in your head? You associate it with something and you can’t stop yourself from thinking about that – like an insatiable thirst for seeing it, for being there, that, then… That’s how my quest for falling leaves began. It was totally out of context. It was a movie. But it was in autumn. A rainy October night mapped my years-long journey for… leaves. November came and all leaves started falling for real. You could see all the colors of the rainbow and 248 more fly right in front of your window. Not to mention the one color no one ever includes in any artistic palette – the color of magic. You can’t really know how distracting for my academic work this was, unless you’ve had all these gracious trees undress before you every day. And the wind sharing his fairy stories for those willing to listen… Then after a certain time I realized that leaves are actually falling. No, no, you don’t understand, I mean, they’re falling. They reach the ground and that’s it, they stay there. For the short several seconds of their flight – they can enjoy flying, but then it’s over. Now they have to rely on the mercy of the wind to embrace them and cast them towards new adventures. Isn’t it like that with all of us? Our flight is our fall. Our life is a short journey from the top of the tree, if you’re lucky, or from the bottom branches, if you’re not, to the ground. And then you rely on some one’s mercy to move you to a better spot. Hail the ones that could catch the wind to carry them longer! 06-11-2005