The hardest part is the winter night

Вайлет Р. Кецкарова (allyvrk)

Раздел: Проза на чужд език  Цикъл: Reflections EN

I don’t live in the past. But it lives in me. It haunts me, day and night, my dreams and my reality. What is real anyway? This past was real. More real than most things in my miserable life have ever been. The hardest part is the first winter night – when snow covered the rooftops. Remember that snowy winter night? And the snowball fight? The branches, the fog in the skies? The poetry? Remember the cold? And the warmth of each other’s breath? The soft powder, the snow angels? The tender caress and the passion? The hardest part is that past winter night – when I had to wave goodbye, send kisses in the air, pray that you’d remember, that you’d felt the same… and try again, another time, another place, another life…