Red And White

Деяна Йорданова Василева (dany_vassileva)

Раздел: Проза на чужд език  Цикъл: Приказки и легенди от Накрай света

At the time of khan Asparuh's entering the lands near the Black sea, among his best liegemen was Pizho, who was called. No man was there with such a prowess. He was valiant, valorous and sturdy. Afraid of him where all khan Asparuh's foes. Pizho was the best of all and also a good and true Asparuh's friend. Khan Asparuh had army 20 000 strong and struggled against foe 40 000 strong, but Pizho was as robus as 20 000 strong warriors. Once in Asparuh's place, where he lived, came a young lad on a black steed. He spake: "A poor lad am I, but a lot of knowledge and prowess carry and have. I come with an important errand." "Oh, you young warrior, what do you wish, tell me!" replied the khan. "From where do you come?" "My tribe is very far from here, 12 mountains and 3 rivers stay between my tribe and your folks. Our gods sent me to you to fight with your liegemen and earls and to take all their possessions as a prize." "Very hard will it be to you. My warriors are the strongest you have ever met, and you will not succeed in your plans" tried the khan to change his mind, but he did not manage to. Then Aparuh let him fight against his liegemen. The first time was there army 300 strong against the young lad, but they all were killed. The battle continued 24 hours and no one of Aparuh's warriors could even hurt the unknown lad. The second fight was with 600 strong army, but all of them fell dead. Asparuh was very worried. He did not expect that the young warrior was so much strong that 900 of his liegemen could not even hurt him. He wished he had not accepted the young lad to come in and start fighting. Then Apsaruh decided to call Pizho. "I need your help, my friend" cried the khan "There is a young lad from a tribe 12 mountains and 3 rivers far from here and his gods sent him to fight with us on his own. But, unfortunately, he had already killed 900 warriors of mine. Please, go and try to change his mind and make him go away, or kill him! If you manage to do this, I will give you my daughter for a wife and all my best horses." quoth Asparuh. "Oh, my lord, ready am I to do everything you want of me for your pleasure!" replied Pizho. "To save you and your warriors will be my duty!" Then Pizho went out to prepare his weapon. So was the third time for the strange lad to front an Asparuh's warrior. "At first, cried Pizho, I want to know your name and then we will figt!" "Sechko-bechko am I. In my tribe they call me The Fierce, for I am small, but stalwart." The the battle started. 80 hours had they fought and Pizho was three times hurt. He was amazed by Sechko's prowess and thought, that he would not be able to kill him. The next day they fought again, but Pizho was three more times hurt and very exhausted. Then he thought, that the young lad used some kind of magic, which made him stronger than 900 warriors and the best liegeman - Pizho. He took a hair of Sechko and carried it to an old hag, called Martha, so that she could show him whether Sechko was honest and fought without any magic. If he had used some, Pizho was allowed to use, too. "Why do you come here, you, young warrior?" asked Martha. "I know your deeds - you are too much honest and loyal and would not look for cheats in fighting against your foes!" "I am Pizho and I bring you a hair of my foe. You must tell me whether he uses magic for great prowess. Asparuh wants me to kill him after he killed 900 of our best warriors! And the khan will give me the hand of his daughter Penda." quoth Pizho. The hag took the hair and burned it. The she spake: "You have fought 2 times with a clever warrior, who wounded you 6 times, but you must know, tat the seventh time will be in your heart. He used a magical sword and the secret of his success is in it. It is in your right to use some magic. I will help you. Take this red woolen doll. It is very small. Put it on your left side, next to the heart, so that you will be safe and will never die, till you kill your foe." Pizho thanked and took the gift. Then he went for the last time into battle with Sechko. It was right, that the young lad did not manage to kill Pizho, even to tire him. They struggled 33 hours and finally Pizho managed to wound his foe and he fell dead. Since those times till now people put on their left sides woolen doll in red as Pizho's blood and in white as Penda's purity and carry it against the cold and unfriendly Sechko-bechko - February. These dolls are named martenitsi - from the hag's name Martha. 2004-2005