Alien intelligence


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Is there such thing as alien intelligence? I believe there is no one who hasnt asked himself this question. And also there is no one who hasnt tried to find the answer by one way or another. Of course, it depends on the person, but usually all the answers can be generalized by one sentence: The alien intelligence, if it really exists, is somewhere very very very far away from our Galaxy. And as to the level of development: The aliens are highly developed civilizations who (at the least) can control great quantities of energy, long time ago discovered the secret of eternal life, the secret of traveling in Time/ in subspace and all dimensions you can imagine, and generally all the secrets that worth to be discovered. Well, since no one has ever met an alien, there is no way for such thoughts to be proved or disproved, and apparently there never will be. However, having in mind that I have no evidence or anything to justify my thesis, I give you one different point of view. Enjoy! Everything started one cold winter evening. I was coming back from a party. The wind was howling in the trees. The snow was three feet at least. I, of course, had forgotten my boots and coat at home Actually, why do I need to lie? You wont believe even the truth its so strange. So Ill tell it to you exactly how it happened. I didnt take them when I went to the party on purpose. If you wonder what can this purpose be, I will honestly tell you I had no idea. You see, strange things were happening to me at that time. I felt unusual. All my feelings were replaced by a new stronger feeling THEY ARE HERE! I bet you are now laughing or, at best, just wondering what kind of feeling this would be. Well, Ill tell you. It filled me from the inside. It was something like a growing fear, which extended and occupied each cell of my body. Now you probably wonder what has that feeling to do with the forgetting of my boots and coat. You missed the connection, didnt you? And I dont blame you. The connection is indirect. This, as I figured out later on, was the last test of controlling my mind with the only purpose to make the conversation possible And as I was crossing the street, a cat appeared from nowhere. It was one of those cute little kittens that can make you regret you dont have one at home. I am a person who doesnt suffer from that kind of prejudices, so I was going to continue my walk without even noticing this little kitty, but obviously I wasnt getting away that easily. The cat stared at me with its yellow glowing eyes and made the sound which every homeless pet does when it is hungry and cold and sees a human who can give it the one or the other. Although, as I said, I wasnt that kind of person, there was something familiar in these yellow eyes. Something scary and interesting at the same time I felt a new feeling, but I was used with such kind of unexpected moments, so I turned to the other direction with the sincere intention to continue my walk to home without that annoying little beast. And I was instantly punished Hey, you, the stupid one, stop! I obeyed the order and assumed a position of a man hit with a brick. I was looking around, wondering if this voice was real or only a trick of my imagination (as I said, I was coming back from a party during which I had absorbed so big quantity alcohol that I could rival any of the diapers shown on television.) when the same voice spoke again: No, you dont hear me because of the high contents of alcohol in your body. I am as real as you are though you probably have certain doubts about your own reality at the moment While the voice talked, I was scanning the perimeter, determined to find the source. But I had to gain time during which it talked, so I asked the absolutely senseless question: Who are you? Jim, Jim, Jim I didnt expect from you that kind of inaccuracy. You know better. I wasnt so confident I knew better, but as I examined all the surrounding area and found nothing but the cat, sitting in the usual for cats way with four legs on the ground and folded body, I decided it would be better if I checked the cat whatever that meant. What are you? I corrected myself gaping at the mouth of the cat. Now, thats better But no muscle on the body of the cat moved. It just stood there like a stone. but you are distracted from something. Ah, its the cat! I almost forgot you hate cats. Sorry for the inconvenience we caused. After these words, the cat suddenly came to life, looked at me with its yellow eyes, which didnt glow anymore, and after assessing the situation, took the wise decision to vanish as quickly as possible. That lead me no choice but to judge the situation calmly and to decide this wasnt actually happening. This is the second and last time I assure you that this is real you are neither dreaming, nor imagining! The voice sounded very convincing and I didnt want to learn how he was going to make me stop asking myself this question, so I continued: How do you know so many things about me! Jim, you start disappointing me. I am beginning to wonder why I chose exactly you I wasnt pleased with the perspective of making a force stronger than me hesitating about my further fate, so I made my smart face and tried to act and sound as usual, which wasnt so easy having in mind the fact I was standing in the middle of normally lively street, in the middle of one cold winter evening in the middle of January, talking with the air: The fact you know so much about me and my recent strange feelings are surely connected. Yes? And this moment is not accidentally chosen after so many days of feeling only one thing that someone is here. And who this someone might be? Someone who is smart enough to hide and examine first, and then to make contact with the object by another familiar object, which is not difficult to control It looks like I didnt make mistake choosing you after all. Now you can answer your own question. Go on What am I? I waited for a few seconds to make up my mind The answer was there, burning through my head, through my mind, trying to get out. And it finally did it. alien intelligence. The silence was horrifying. After a few seconds which seemed like years, the silence was shattered from the voice: Its interesting to read your thoughts he continued without answering my question You humans never stop surprising me. You know that this is real I am real, you are real, everything around is real, and you are real, but your mind obstinately resists the simple truth you are not the only intelligent form in the Universe. You prefer calling yourself insane, instead of confessing this fact. How long have you been here? I asked suddenly. Ah It seems your brain works on a few different levels after all! And ,moreover, its very fast. But your quickness is due to your insufficient brain and mind you dont reflect, you just throw the question as soon as it occurs You didnt answer my question! I estimated I had waited enough. Patience. You dont have enough patience another of your weaknesses. I and all the rest of the society consider this not calmness, but rudeness. Ok. This is enough at this stage. We shall have more than enough time to get to know each others better. Now I shall answer those of your questions you are ready to understand Weve been here for a long time. How long? Many years before your entire human race existed. How is that possible? You saw the cat, didnt you? So, you had occupied its mind? Body? I wouldnt say occupied, I would say only borrowed. And yes, the conscious only, we can control neither the body, nor the subconscious. But the cat is gone. And that means you are now in me! Yes, but theres nothing to be scared of. You see, we dont have our body, because we dont need one No, dont think that! We are not a product of milliards of years evolution. Nor we have superior technical advancement As a matter of fact, we are actually But you already know what Im going to say now, dont you? I was desperate. I didnt want to say it. It was just impossible. It cant be true. But it is Say it! You are us I pressed my lips. But the sentence sounded in my head. In my mind. It came from deep inside of me and it was said to me. Only two creatures were able to hear it me and again me! I shared my own mind with myself This is not true! I said, though I knew it was. I wont try to convince you of something you already know. Ill explain only how it happened. Very soon, the human race will have to choose between two ways of revolution technical or mental. You will choose the mental, but you will also choose the What? What was that? You know? How could you know about it? It cannot be I sat on the ground and closed my eyes. There is only one possible explanation THEM. But how can they beat us. We were here from so long. WE DIDNT COME HERE BEFORE YOU. WE ACTUALLY CAME VERY SOON, IN 1902. THEN WE VISITED ONE OF THE HUMANS CALLED EINSTEIN. But how did you convince them? Weve been trying for hundreds of years. NO, NO, NO WE DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO MAKE THEM LISTEN. THEY CHOSE TO HEAR US THEIRSELVES. YOU KNOW THIS ROUTE IS EASIER. AND THEY WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE IT. Jim, hear me, Jim! Dont do it! They are lying. Cant you see! They are here not to give you progress, but to destroy your future. To destroy you, by making you I opened my eyes. It was all over. I chased the trespasser away. Well, not without the help of one friend, of course. WELL DONE! JUST REMEMBER IF YOU LISTEN TO ME, THEY ARE NOT GOING TO WIN. YOU WONT LET THEM DECEIVE YOU ABOUT THE TECHNICAL FUTURE, WILL YOU? Of course not But, you know, he made me hesitate. Isnt all they said about you true? Youve never told me where you are from. IVE TOLD YOU MANY TIMES THEY ARE LIARS. ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS OCCUPY YOUR MIND. And what they said they cannot control the body and the subconscious. Do you know who controls them? NOBODY. THEY ARE INPUT IN YOU, JUST LIKE INSTINCTS ARE IN ANIMALS. But since theyve managed to occupy YOU ARE BEGINNING TO BELIEVE THEM! Ok. Sorry, I wont do that again. IM SURE YOU WONT. A car appeared from nowhere. The driver hit the brakes as hard as he could But it was too late A body lied in the cold, white snow. Although it had no coat or boots, it was very important for two representatives of one intelligent race but only while it carried a third specie of the same civilization the human one. Now nobody needs it. Nobody, but the nature, in which it returns to How long will this last? UNTIL YOU CORRECT YOUR CHOICE!