One of those bad days (dialogue)


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Ive already told you ten times that Im sorry. What do you want from me? - Thats not enough! If you think one simple apologize can fix our friendship One! But I apologized to you over ten times. - Oh, now they are over ten. Make up something clever if you want me to forgive you. OK. But want can I do? ... Yes, Ive got it. Can I buy you a drink? - How sweet of you. I accept the invitation. Lets go. Mmm! The orange juice is great, but that is not exactly what I wanted. What do you mean? - Well, I was thinking of drinking some whisky or gin and maybe Oh, my god! Thats terrible! - Its not! I mean whats the terrible about that?! Why are you looking like that? Is there something behind me? Just run! Theres no time to waste! Quickly! - Tell me. Why are we running? ... Are you sure you want to know? - Am I sure! We are running for almost an hour. If there was something behind my back it sure is gone already. Its a dragon! - Oh, come on! There are no such things as dragons. Let me have a look. No its too dangerous! We cant waste more time! - Why are we getting out of the town! Hey, thats my house. After a few minutes there wont be any house. Come to think of it, there will be no town after exactly four minutes. - What do you mean? After four minutes this dragon will destroy our city. - A dragon! Thats ridiculous! Have you drunk something today? Well, yes. A few glasses of Hey, wait a minute! Thats not the point. - I think it is. You are drunk. Or you have bumped you head somewhere. And now you are dragging me to somewhere. Let me go! You dont believe me, do you? - Not at all. Now we shall see about that. Stop! Now, turn around. - A-a-a-a-a! Oh, my god, its true! A dragon is destroying the city. Stop shouting or he will hear us. Lets disappear quickly. - Ah, now I get it. Your time is ending, right? This dragon isnt real and those people are actors. A well paid actors, that is. After four minutes it will destroy the city. You have made a big theatre, havent you? And all this hard work just to like you. Am I right? Hero? Listen! I dont know how this had come to your mind, but it is nonsense. I am trying to save you? - To save me from what? From your stupid friends? With the same stupid sense of humor? Look, let me explain - Theres nothing to be explained. Everything is clear as a blue sky. Well, it looks like this sky is overcast with black clouds, because this dragon is real and alive like us. Well, almost - Oh, yeah! I wont move from here. Do you know what? - What? OK. Stay here, of you want. But when the dragon destroys the city I wont be here. If you prefer to die, thats all right with me! Goodbye! And thats the last farewell youll hear in your life! - Very convincing! Im shaking! Dont leave me alone with this horrifying dragon. What? That was your house, wasnt it? Now its gone. And, hey, isnt that my house. Boom, now its gone, too. - Well, I suppose you wouldnt destroy your own house. And that means Very good! Now she passed out. And Ill have to drag her Correction; I will have to carry her, because This is my new dress, Michael. Mind you dont make it dirty. A car! It looks like it isnt such a bad day after all! I mean Ive just been chased by a dragon, which I had managed to enrage, and I have to protect miss air and grace and what is more important I have to save the world. But complaining wont change anything. I have to pull myself together. And the first thing to do is to stop talking to myself (On the following morning) - Where am I? Why am I in a stolen car? What happened? Well, I explained to the driver that we need this car more than him, because we are chased by a mad dragon who wants to destroy the world And after he stopped laughing I gave him two thousand dollars and he kindly gave us his car. - So its true! But how is this possible? I dont understand! Wait a minute! That thing is chasing us! Yes. - But why? Do you remember when we were students? And we visited that Chinese temple? - Of course, but what has that to do with the dragon? Dont you get it Chinese temple, dragon? - So the dragon is Chinese? You know Sometimes I wonder how you graduated Oxford. - Sorry if my slow thinking bothers you, but I happened to be chased by a mad dragon from the past, who has destroyed my house right in front of my eyes and who probably wants to kill me. Its the same with me, but I have pulled myself together and it will be better for you to do the same. - OK. Ill try. Now I remember this dragon looks exactly like the one at the Chinese temple. You know, the statue The statue is a symbol of the Great Chinese Dragon, lived in China millions of years ago. The legend says that its spirit is still looking for the two mortals, whose spirits will bring him back to life again. Not anymore. - But he looks pretty much alive to me. It looks like it has found a way to free from the statue. - Err What err? Do you know anything about it? - Who? Me? No, of course. Its very important to tell me all you know about the dragon, if it could help. - No, it cant be that! It cant be what? - Its silly. I was silly then, you know. I know - What? Oh. Nothing, nothing. Please, tell me about it. - Well, if you insist Its that thing again! Im afraid this time youre right. - What do you mean this time? Theres no time for arguing now. - What shall we do? Run, I suppose. - From the dragon? We have to fight it with water. - But where can we find that much water? The lake! - The lake! OK. Theres the lake. We can escape down the river which runs down it. - Hurry! He is getting on us! Now what was that thing? - If I tell it to you it wont make our condition better. Nothing can make our condition worse. No matter what it is. - Well, we are that two mortals. I know but why? - According to the legend, these two mortals have to be i-i-i-i-in Oh, no! The rive-e-e-e-e-er (two hours after) I think we got rid of the dragon at least for a while. - I want to tell you something very important. Me, either You start. - Michael, I cant shim! Im drowning! Help me! Im coming! - Thats better. Everything is going to be all right. - But of course. After all, we are only chased by a fire-breathing dragon; in the middle of the nowhere; without food and water. Everything is just fine. Calm down. Now, what was the think you started to tell me? - The legend says that the two mortals have to be in love. Thats wonderful! - ?! Cant you understand? The dragon is not chasing us. I mean we are not in love Or are we? - What was the think you wanted to tell me? Oh its not important. - Is that so? I think I know what it is. Yes, it is. And how about you? - No, I dont. In that case, lets split and go to our homes. We are in danger no more. - Thats not a good idea! Why? - Well, our houses are destroyed. Besides, the dragon can accidentally find us. OK. Thats all right with me. But I have one question. - Yes. Will you accept my apology? - I accept it. Friends? - Friends! Now, lets go. - Lets think. Who else was in the temple with us? The other students. - Yes, but who is the dragon after? We are looking for a couple. - How about Jim and Terry? No. They are not the type which can be chased by an ancient Chinese dragon. - Then who? Listen, thats not possible. Do you know how many people have visited the same temple before our group? - But the dragon came alive now. There is some special action which the two mortals or just one of them have to do, so that the dragon can recognize them. - No, thats not correct. OK, you are the expert. But the dragon needs two certain mortals with some special features, so they can be useful to him Dont you agree with me? - What? Ah, yes, yes, of course. I was thinking. About what? - What are these special features. Thats right, I was thinking about that. You are acting strange. - No. Whats wrong with thinking? Im not talking about that. I have the feeling you are hiding something from me. - Thats silly. What can I possibly hide? I dont know. Something about the legend? - No, Ive already told you everything about the legend. In that case its the other thing I am thinking about. - What is that? Are you sure that the dragon wont come again? - I dont know. Why are you asking me? Ask him. I mean, has the dragon any reason to chase us? - I said I dont know. Do you know why? I have a theory. - You and your theories. And can I hear what you theory is? No, you cant for now. But it explains your strange behaviour. - Apparently, you will not tell me, so can we go now? Why? You think the dragon will come back? - No, but its cold and its humid. We are the ones that are wet, not the weather. Now lets go to the nearest town and change our clothes. - On foot! Yes. Unless you have a better idea. - How about with him? With who? - Turn around. Oh, no! Its the dragon again. It looks like today is not my lucky day after all. Hide behind that rock. Quickly! - Now I have a better idea. How about that cave. Ok. Just hurry or he will see us. - I think hes already seen us. Why do you think so? Ah, the fire! (in the cave) - A-a. Whats that? Another dragon! No, silly. Its just a statue. - Sorry, I got scared because, it looks exactly like Like what? Have you seen such a thing before? - No, never. Hm - What Hm? It is time for me to tell you my theory. - Go ahead. According to me, you have seen this statue before. Is that right? - Yes. In the Chinese temple. - Yes. And you have made the special sign which the dragon has been waiting for. - What sign? You have wished something. - What? You perfectly know what. - No. Please, tell me. Oh, youre - What am I? Nothing. - No, no. Tell me! The feeling is not pleasant, is it? First you tell me and then I - I have nothing to tell you. Lets end this conversation it doesnt worth continuing it. Besides, we have more serious problem now. - What problem? Do you know where we are? - Yes, in a cave. And cant you feel something extraordinary? - Well, its cold, wet and scary nothing strange for a cave. And why is it scary? - Because of that statue Oh, my good! Indeed. We are in HIS cave. He has finally taken us to his territory. - He has got us just where he wanted. What are we going to do now? What can we possibly do? We dont have many options. - But we arent going to stay here, in the middle of the cave of an ancient Chinese Dragon who wants to become alive with our spirits! Why do you think he is after us? - Well, I dont I just Yes, youre hiding something. You have one more chance to say it before its too late. - I have nothing to say. Ok. You made me do this. If we arent the chosen ones then our next action wont be dangerous. - And what is our next action? We are going deeper. - What?! Youve heard me. (deeper in the cave) - I cant see anything. I hope you know what youre doing. Of course. Or we do have something to be frightened of? - Oh, my god! Whats that? Nothing to be afraid of. Or how is your memory now? - Well, actually, I want to tell you something. Go ahead. Im listening. - Lets go back first. No. We are staying here until you tell me what it is. - You see I Oh, its not just that easy I l The dragon! Hide behind that stone! Sh-h-h! Keep quiet. And dont look. - What is he doing? He seems to be making a table! - Not good, not good And judging from the size of the dishes the victims are big as big as us two. - This cant be happening. I want a normal life for heavens sake! You dont have to scream. Hell hear us. YOU DONT NEED TO WHISPER. I KNOW THAT YOU ARE HERE. - Were in trouble! IF I WERE YOU I WOULDNT RUN. THERES NO PLACE TO HIDE. AND PLEASE, DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL. I JUST NEED YOUR SPIRITS. YOUR SPIRITS... YOUR SPIRITS... SPIRITS.... - the echo repeated. But you have missed on detail. WHAT DETAIL? - We need them, too. Run! - He is after us. Watch for that fire! (after 10 minutes) - We got lost. No. We just dont know where we are. - Oh, yeah. The difference is very big. Youve heard the dragon. We are the chosen ones. - No. There must be a mistake. In both cases it'll all end with us eaten by an ancient Chinese dragon. And we dont want that, do we? - Of course not. I dont even like Chinese food. But he likes European food. - Its not funny. We are going to be killed. We cannot hide forever. He will find us in the end. We must fight! - With what? Sticks? Against a dragon! I dont mean by an object. Usually the fire is put out by water, right? - But where are we going to find that much water? The lake. Its next to the cave. (the lake) Ok. You stay here and I am going to hit the Dragon with this old tree, when he comes to eat you. - I wonder why, but this plan doesnt seem very good to me. Its perfect. - You say that only because you arent the one who will be eaten if the plan doesnt work. What do you suggest then? You want me to be the bait, fine! And just who do you think will push the tree over the dragon? - Actually, I dont suggest that. I think it will be better if nobody is the bait. Ive already told you we cant run forever. - I dont mean that. Maybe we should I dont know I think I got your point. - You did? One of us has to die. In that case the dragon wont chase the other. - Well Ok I agree with you. Ill be the one, who will die. But, please, lets leave that in the last case. - Oh, how sweet sacrifice. But you dont need to do that, because I cant li He is coming! I have got a plan. Take a deep breath and hold it. Quickly! Now jump! - But (down the river) - Oh, boy! That was close! We are not save yet. I dont think he will give up. - What shall we do now? I dont know. Do you have a plan? - A plan! You expect me to have a plan! Ok. Take it easy. - Thats no problem to calm down. After all, it was a fine day. A dragon destroyed my house, the whole town, he tried to kill me, and he is after me again Sh-h-h! Listen! - Listen to what? I cant hear anything. Exactly. The silence - What are you doing? I am checking something - Youve kissed me. Yes - Hey, you did it again. Ok. I confess. Arrest me. - What were you checking? Are you feeling anything? - Well, Im cold. Actually I am freezing, but But what? - Strange. I dont care. I want to ask you somethi - Yes. I know. My question is: what is your sign? - My sign? What has that to do with Quickly! What is your astrological sign From the Chinese calendar. - Im not sure. I think Wait a minute, I will calculate it 17+4 + 26 28 - How do you know my birthday? Oh, I know a lot about you Yes! You are a dragon, too. - You mean Yes. Theres the connection. We are two mortals in love - who have a Dragon in the astrological sign. And your wish in the temple? - But I wasnt the only one with the wish. Well, thats not very calming, but at least we know the Dragon is after us. - I will ask you one quest Yes. - No not that question, silly. I already know the answer. I want to ask you: what are we going to do? We will probably live happily many years in a new house with - You know darn well what I am talking about! Sorry. I was just kidding. Our condition at the moment is not very pleasant. - Hm You have a plan! - No, I was just thinking. If we could only persuade the Dragon that we arent the chosen ones. That wont be easy. - I almost forgot. We have to get dry clothes. Lets go south. Theres a small settlement two miles down the river. - Thats all right with me. (in the settlement) - What nice people are these Chinese! Theyve given us clothes and food without asking or wanting anything. And we havent even told them about the dragon yet. I suggest telling them right now. - I agree with you. We cant hide such a thing. I mean, the dragon can destroy their village.  Dont worry. We know about the dragon. So, will you help us? - We cant kill it ourselves.  Im afraid none of us can kill the dragon. - Oh, no!  But we do can tell you how to handle it. - Thank you!  Ok. Heres what well do (a few hours later) - Do you think the plan will work? I dont know. Well see in the morning. - That man looked very suspicious. What precisely in him? - I dont know. Well, its our only choice. - I dont like to be a decoy. Dont worry. Nothing will happen to you. - So, well have to wait until tomorrow Do me a favour, will you? - Yes, what is it? Try to sleep. The morning is wiser than the evening. - Im not sure that was the saying, but Ok, Ill try to get some sleep. What was that? - Oh, no! Its the dragon again. Weve been betrayed. - I told you he looked suspicious. No time for that now. Quickly! Run! - Im running. Im running (at the end of the world) Well have to split here. Hide behind that rock! Ill try to distract its attention. - Michael! Help me! Hey, Draco, catch me. If you can! I AM GOING TO KILL HER FIRST! Oh, no, you wont YOU WON'T DARE TO JUMP! Oh, yeah - No-o-o! Michael! NOT ANOTHER 5000 years - Why did you do it, Michael? Whats this in my pocket? A letter? To the woman I only loved, If you are reading this letter, that means I have died. Dont be crossed with me. You know I only did it for you. Besides, I couldnt let him take our souls, could I? And remember, no matter what happens in the future, Ill be with you. Dont be sad. Well see each other again, Im sure in some other life. Till then cheer up! Always yours, Michael When she read the note she wanted to scream, but suddenly she felt that they would see each other again. (In 7003) Ive already told you ten times that Im sorry. What do you want from me? - Thats not enough! If you think one simple apologize can fix our friendship Strange, I have the feeling Ive heard that before. - When you mention it, so have I BUT YOU DO BELIEVE IN FATE, DON'T YOU?