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Phantastic saga Autor: Pamen Glogov IRRELEVANT I NIM and DROMA 1. Look at him There he stands The legendary Nim N eyes, no face Like a rain, like a rain Faded, unseen Tellurian cloud Again Stepped over the Night Smashing all stars Self-propelled Monument In a moulder Eternal Like the Pain in the dark 2. I am Droma The sinister spring The butcher of roads Self-born Transformed into poison My blood Drawing near Everywhere: With strangling fingers Thricling, mordant Congregating myself Ocean fusing its waters Drowning draught thirstily Ocean With no life 3. Call yourself in O, shadow! Nightmares of blood- Dark bats- they alight Hover, weave your flesh Necroeternal And the tears from vacant eyes- As if gathering in you now The waters From buried alive graves Droma The Uncreated Pain Decapitated star Ragelys flogging with her tail Fertilizing the Night With metastases Tearing her heart Droma You are the Death reborn into Death 4. Master of Pain Send me monsters! I am Nim- The Shatterer Only sorrow I bring Send me monsters! I shall transform their bodies Into fountain statues Weeping blood I am Nim- the Mortification In this ominous Universe I know the taste of every tear I created the Separation 5. Inevitable is the meeting with me I shout to the Flesh : Youre alive! Lash the pain with the scourges of fire Like a beast, who is growing up Madness My name is Droma The Sleepless I know only one thing: Theres no end for the Pain Even after Inferno Theres no instant for rest Without suffering Tell me you, Nim, The grief-creatorhow Will the heart think of your Sorrow If its stabbed by a dagger - Droma, king of Pain Do you know Which one is more painful- Knife-wound on your back Or the feeling of being betrayed Which one is the real Pain Do you know? 6. Unrivalled you are, my lords Your diunity bears fight Your heads frightfully dance On their monstrous necks Rooted in the Abyss Stop for a while with your squabble I saw the Last man To wait for you Deserted As the flock of his laugh Which shoves between the walls Of the canyons Deserted As the step of the Evening On the Earth turned into grave I saw the Last man And his eyes: There was no fear And remorse in them Because he destroyed all of his kind To dare Gods But when Humans died And Gods died with them And the last words of the Last man were: Im the upraise and the setting of this world Then he was waiting for a long time For something to happen He forgot time and his old nature Torn away from all the Dimensions And somehow he imperceptibly Turned to Irrelevant 7. -He will mourn- said Nim All Universe is made by tears He will mourn -He will suffer- shouted Droma Pain is the master of all And Im the master of Pain Irrelevant Will be the last battle field Of our immortal hostility And like a shot in the sun Will be his revolt Now he is expecting us Unshakable And Life Is the whole power that he is possessing Life Which soon will not belong to him IRRELEVANT II THE CASTLE Space is wide open Black wound above me Im building the walls of my castle Immuring the bodies Of dead meteors Reached with their last fire To my Earth Im feeling tremors Forewarning me That armies are drawing to my kingdom O-oh, formerly I thereby exterminated All humans and took up their lives Who is coming now to present me with Something that I dont need 2. Im seeing no flags Im hearing no horns Only the agony of earth And convulsions of the air Someone stole into me As the wind in the towers of my castle Torches are dancing before my eyes My body is bonfire of sins And the flames are throwing shadow More enormous than the Night Shadow that I knew once And my race had fear of it - I am Droma Came To bring you pain 3. That was very long time ago Then I was not the one that I am now My flesh was fragile And vulnerable for you And my strength was breaking up And I was falling On the one of your twisted steps But its already gone- The sense to disobey you Now I have that gift to take Everything from everyone Im the Irrelevant And all ways finish in me Like fallen stars I build from them My dead castles Look how Im dancing Like a salamander In your fire Look how your stings are sinking into my flesh And with their pain They are becoming part of me Dont tryNo! Stop! You are mine to Even if I dont want you 4. Someone else is jostling In the emptiness inside me Like the echo of a dying wail Is that you, Nim? What are you searching for? My heart? Or the way to escape You are doomed I felt youI let you in Until Droma was expiring To seek for my memories Like unburned letters In the ash of a hearth Smoldered away a long time ago Did you find anything, Nim Did you find anything dear To infect it with sorrow Do you thing That this will save you? I smashed the tears with hammers I remember how I killed my mother first I remember how my children were still sleeping When The Dead entered to him With me I remember the sins of all mankind Because I forced everyone of them To confess me before I kill him I rememberbut It doesnt interest me The people gone And the world became somehow flat The sun is a golden spider Smeared on its wall Can you hear me, Nim Now from both of us Only you are sad Nim You are only remembrance now 5 My castle still stands unfinished I only have to rise up my eyes to heaven And some of the stars are killing themselves Im laying their bodies One on the top of the other Masoning (I dont know why Im doing this May be its a habit Left over my before) Im the Irrelevant The Creation ends in me And the castles that I try to construct I swallow after I build them IRRELEVANT III GEOMETRY OF CHAOS 1. In the memory of Space Dreams are locked Remembrances of the worlds Which have not exist for long time Nightmares about creatures Travelling tour the galaxies On the corpses of extinct stars Creatures-annihilators Torn from all the dimensions Evolvements Engulfed their evolutions Sarcomas in the organism of Universe They are wandering One to another Coming nearer and at the same time They are not stirring Space is moving and sinking in them The only thing they have Is the Thirst- that disastrous gravity Dragged and themselves To Nothing 2. They didnt know Who was the first of them No ne of the Irrelevants expected Someone else to be there That would be frightfully And they had no fear But the stars dropped away And the comets in their fire rush Brought news about the horror of something Inescapable Before the Inescapable to swallow them 3. The Irrelevant from system Radula Stopped the flow of time and stared At the pulsar, who twinkled anxiously Like open heart above him A heart of blew lightnings Thinking star- He was derived from similar one A neutron brain Who kept a heap of pitiable planets alive That was before the implosion Now they were all inside him They did not exist Existed he only The Irrelevant was looking at the star Her impulses reached him- One language he wouldnt forget Like he wouldnt forget his origin But that was no consideration After a split the pulsar should be vanished In him A split or more As much as he allowed Butthere is something in this star He stopped her, not to see her fear There was something that she knew About him andabout someone else Something that made the Irrelevant From the dead system Radula To feel strange 4. -Where is your twin-he asked -Dead-said the star -When did he meet me- his voice didnt change -It was not youother like you He stopped her pulse for a while As if he played Then his neutron laugh Illuminated the cold galaxy -Im the Zero in the co-ordinates all the dimensions end in me Chaos is my inferior And Im the inferior of Chaos Someone else like me? It makes no sense But is there any sense in the Chaos indeed - He calls himself Irrelevant He is the last of some kind of biological race Now he is destroying everything I dont know why he spared me The star became silent - He didnt spare you He sent you to tell me that he is coming 5. Irrelevant- he thought After the star vanished in him I must ask him, what does it mean Before I kill him IRRELEVANT IV THE VOICE 1. The name of Darkness Yesterday it was Shadow Cold and Mowing Death Today it is my name Soon it will be remembered Only by me for I wont leave Anyone else At the end I shall swallow myself All Universe Will perish in me Im a grave from which No one revives Crater in which Nothing raves Draw-well drinking blood Of the souls Your look reaches To my chambers Future ends in the Abyss In which I dropped first I, Irrelevant The Human Abyss 2. It still has sense for you to return Create again what have been undone Dont efface those Who will come after It still has sense for you To live 3. It wasnt just a wave of sound But voice, voice that woke up The dead He surveyed the spaces Like an ominous lighthouse Called back his illumination He found no one May be he had heard The resonance of the galaxies But there were no more galaxies All the dimensions were sterile And only that Voice came from somewhere Concealing in his own In the Irrelevant Who was left alone with nothing 4. Mercy is your only way to me You must create to reach me 5. Where are you? I walk through all parallel Universes I find only your traces In the obliterated spaces You are not there Your Voice is close But who is sending it? Who! Silence on all the dimensions And words are emersing in me From the Abyss Dont look for me on place Where you have power Im not dimension, I m a state Im catching you, but You cant catch up with me Because Im in there- in the Temple In which no one from your kind Will permeate Im the One, immovable Eternal Irrelevant condemned to Chaos And you are the insanity of loneliness Calling me for self-destruction Look at the spacehe is getting more and more small and your meetings with the others are close But you dont realize As they too That you are the evening outside A shadow hunter Those, who doesnt sleep Are in my Temple 6. Voice disappeared As he has been come But resound elusive Irrelevant Felt momentarily Some kind of helplessness Momentarily He became the last man again IRRELEVANT V GODACAM The Nebula looked like A phantasmal ship In a dark and immovable water Like a smile Hiding a tooth with poison in it The Irrelevant came near slowly With his planet And the satellite Flying round them Like a head searching for body The Nebula condensed before him And her whiteness darkened as if A shadow past somewhere behind her 2. Far away, far away was the Darkness Only Darkness without stars White steams Were rising like until recently There had been a balefire And all the worlds had turned into ashes There died out the galaxy Grimmia Korzinia with her shining rings And the emerald sunrise above Aion There died the whitestaress Lejonia And the miserable mother of the one Who killed first his brother On his own, and then her after that- System Radula 3. Dead Nebula LipsVessel Dead Nebula Show me your heart! White dream Berthed in the black bays Who is hiding behind you Like blood under the flesh Like a down of prey Stalking the cloudy drove? Im a star rider Star dinacore I came near to your black spaces And saw empty orbits And torn parsecs of time I said to myself: You are here- The same as I am Your way ends in my way Show me your heart! 3. The ship slowly went down The lips turned to a groan The Nebula vanished And behind her rose One monstrous Black-shining Supernovae 4. The Irrelevant stood before him Stepped on his Earth With the wrathful satellite Frozen over his shoulder -I late for you- Spoke the dark star- I let you to exist. And he peered Into the emptiness behind him The Irrelevant smiled: -My mother said that Dying stars fulfilled Impossible wishes Now your doom is my wish And my wish is: Your doom He felt his look A part of his planet torn off And lost in his dark throat -Ive met many like you Said the Supernovae They fly between the stars Cautiously Locked in their coffins Cadavers Space is not your home Space doesnt need you And I dont need anybody I was a star feeding the rest of all stars With my light Now Im a hole, cleft And the Darkness reign in me One by one I take in The constellations on which The destiny is written No one is more powerful Than those who is finishing His life by his own After he has put the end Of everything else To create means- to escape From the End To be afraid of the Emptiness I have no fear Thats why I destroy I called myself Godacam- Black sun You, standing in front of me Your name carries no power You are own weak and pitiful In your journey to the self-humiliation Look at yourself Youve kept the planet that born you Youve kept her moon Running round mindlessly There is sentiment in you -No sentiment That is no moon That is the Sun of my system I sent him to a new orbit I, the commander of the stars He will be a slave To my gravitation And you, star, you will be its victim IRRELEVANT VI THE KISS 1. The light disintegrated first And every color of it briefly rose As a day smiling to Death The Star was a black mirror The mans face- a kaleidoscope Of shadows tearing up the rays One by one the rays went down And their last embrace was for those Who had no mercy to them 2. The Last Man kissed the Sun 3. There Where the time And the density of the dimensions end There Where the photon blood Pushed out From the pulse of quasars Doesnt reach out There is the Temple Without doors With Someone waiting inside it For one rebirth To let him free The few ones who have taken The road of Death Can hear his words Telling about the Salvation But how to stop the blood Which flows out from the veins Of those who love the Dawn When the Evening lives in you Youve found a single friend Only in yourself Your last shot is for him You first destroy Everyone Like you- Everyone You first destroy Everyone DestroyEveryone Destroy Farewell, Black Sun! 4. I dont understand The impulses of Star were confused While his strength was leaving him He is only a worm on a fruit bitten off Im the tree, which he torn from Everything died in my shadow And nowI feelThe Emptiness Is calling my nameGodacam He was decomposing On the snapping skull Of the planet Irrelevant was building a black citadel From his flesh -Tell me- he asked coldly When he reached The living brain of the Star,- Have you ever been visited By a foreign thought Has an unknown Voice called you Till youve been coming to your End Tell me, and youll meet him quickly -I am Nobody called by Nothing Faltered the sinking sun -And the Voicedid you hear it? Speak! Did you hear it inside you? The impulses were fading away -Inside meis only the thing I left behind The thingthat you have on too There is no other voiceexcept Your own cryin the Night Heard by No one 5. Look what came of it The Irrelevant talked to himself And watched the black Castle Nobody lives here anymore IRRELEVANT VII Vespremorta. The seeing of Rati 1. This story comes from forgotten times When on the Earth Only the Goodness had been born Nobody made war There were no quarrels The sickness and nightmares Didnt exist The Death came as a rest and dream The people called for her by their own When they felt that their spirit Had drafted from all the springs of Creation And had slaked in them his deep thirst For beauty 2. At that time The goddess of Spring- Rati Reigned over the world Life didnt know the old age The days were songs And the nights were music The happiness lived in everyone- Clean and accessible as the air 3. One night a monstrous black hand Appeared in the sky And dragged the constellations Like necklace of pearls torn away by force Lovely stars- life giving suns And rational planets The Hand took them all Greedily in its blackness The Earth was doomed People didnt know the war There was only one weapon In the world: Vespremorta, the Darknesskiller The ancient sword forged By the god of Winter- Ratis father- Adrifis There was a writing On the one side of its blade Resurrect the Death to destroy her The writing continued on the back side: One is the blood of Darkness and Light 4. It was like a vernal frost The heart of Raty filled with pity She wished to save her land And the life of her subjects The goddess left Her wreath of anemones To a white stone And set out with unbraided hair And garment made by radiance Up to the marble stairs Leading away above the clouds There stood the Castle of the sleepers And the fathers sword Vespremorta Expected her in there. The creatures from the whole peaceful world Came to kiss her good bye And their grief was boundless From the seaside vales Like surfs whisper Nereids raced On their blue-eyed horses Flower-bearing dryads and nymphs Descended from the woods To see off their goddess With the men Rati vanished in the clouds That night it began to rain heavily And Lightings danced in the sky The goddess fought with the Darkness People saw from below How his black hand engulfed The Castle of sleepers With the morning of a new day All creatures of the Earth Smiled trough their tears to the sunrise The sun was alive! They were alive The HandThe Shadow was gone in the sky But Raty didnt come back 5. After that night Darkness settled in the people And the Earth became the kingdom of Death Death already ruled over the seasons Happiness became the absence of unhappiness Tempting and exciting seemed Every thought of destruction 6. Like most of the fairy-tales This one also finishes with hope Some day Raty will return With her unbreakable sword The Spring Victor of the space Darkness May be will drive away The darkness in our hearts IRRELEVANT VIII DR. VANT 1. When she came back after an hour She saw the pleat from her hand on his sheet The body hadnt moved The woman thought with sadness If I only could see his eyes I should know where his is now But the bandages were hiding them The bandages were hiding the Darkness 2. There was writing on the visiting card With knight letters, it says: Dr Vant Architect-restorer, Collector of antiques -Excellently she tought A buyer for my find He said: Come and see my place I invite you to have lunch with me and my family Bring also your friend Vespremort (He smiled nicely here) His story excited me much Family- he felt sad Fascinating man, butforget! Only business 3. My place was a castle A long white alley Rows of elms With fallen fruits And an iron portal Forged by stars Neogothic- she assessed It seemed like towers were fixed in the sky Flags with stars on them Little coloured windows Decorated with angels And stars again- like childrens beam It was spacious and clean inside Frenzied suns and constellations Were running on the walls The roof was mooving Underneath there was a giant optical eye It was opening gently at night Like an eye of a sleep-walker Isllands were looking at here from the floor Continents and blue oceans She was walking on them, Crossing mountains and deserts and easy She encroached upon someones kingdom Or a ravishing country Dr. Vant captivated his guest In his chamber of stars Oh, its magical!- She exclaimed quietly like a fairy-tale- seems Im stepping on the whole world and you bult this all by yourself He answered with a smile -I like to watch the stars And he took her in the Telescope tower To wade together In the Milky Way 4. He introduced her when they sit down to the table -Kids, meet miss Guendolin (Marta and Tim were sweet) -And this is mrs. Vant- Their grandmother, and mother to me She tought something for a while It seemed he guessed that My wife passed away not long ago Little Tim shyly came forward -Dad says that she is the sun now And every day she will rise for us Miss Guendolin smiled And caressed a childs face Both- she and mr. Vant looked at each other 5. The liquid in the catheters seemed to be frozen A dissolute green comet crossed the monitor Then- another one and after an even moment- another one A jay alighted infront of the window Her claws scrabbled on the sheet-ironed sill The young woman took her eyes off the body And looked at it as if she expected news At this moment somewhere in the space One more star had been vanished 6. -She brought a weapon in our home,- Mrs Vant was worried, -This sword -Mother, these are superstitions I love her The kids got used with her and they are calm -But not me Irei, a have bad feeling about this -Dont think of it- Said he cheerfully and smiled -It is time for us to be happy again IRRELEVANT IX ECLIPSE That morning He took Guendolin To a medical examination in the town (they expected good news) He left her and went to meet with a friend His friend didt come He came home earlier And found A trace of blood on a white alley The broken portalits barses squeezed their stars like Convulsed fingers Invaders! The guards were deaddead knights Scattered armour all over the court Murderers scarlet grassMURDERERS! The castle was silent Two dark jeeps were waiting infront of the stairs Like two slleping beasts They were still here The horror went him mad He rushed into his home, without a weapon- One desperate demon, storming a cathedral He found his mother still living Drowning in her own blood The constellations on the walls twirled And stoped in her eyes The kids! Her eyes were telling him Save them! They are upstairssleeping gently NO The tought came off like a bloody drop And fall With a hard chord MY KIDS ARE ALREADY DEAD Mr. Vant, welcome to the Timelessness The time doesnt exist for those Who have noone to wait - Just a moment- he uttered distantly Theres one more thing I have to do And after that Ill return here forever 2. Everything seemed to heppen Somewhere else He was locked in a cabin With buttons and levers And was operating himself Far, far from there His eyes was observing the whole castle Like cameras He was seeing trough the walls, in every room The nursery- two soaked from blood little beds His study- silhouettes was littering his books Wresting pictures from their frames Dumping, craming in one place Relics from different epochs Every room silhouettes everywhere In the Telescope tower Someone was gigling- A freak exiled beyond its walls He saw again his mothers eyes What else are you looking for cravens Youve already taken my dearest thing 3. The levers in the cabin were mooving He went to the stand with the swords Drew out Vespremorta And start moving like a man in trance Across the amphilad of halls The silhouettes were turning up from everywhere They were shooting at him and hit him But he wasnt falling down, didnt stop He was reaching everyone And was slaying him The oceans beneath him overflew From the weight of dead bodies And the whole Earth became red Now he was the monster in the castle 4. The cops came late His sword was waiting for them too He knocked out four men The rest of them were shooting And shooting He staggered and fall over As if he had taken the weight Of the whole lead penetrate into his body The levers didnt work anymore The cabin was empty 5. -Name?- asked the doctor of duty -Guendolin Hieman -Name of the patient, whom you want to visit -Vant-said the woman, - Irei le Vant THE IRRELEVANT X NAMELESS SHADOW 1. -The Chaos has Consciousness- the Voice was speaking But He doesnt want flesh The Matter disunite the Consciousness She subjects him Makes him recreates her Because her life is short And She understand that trough the Consciousness But no one can convince the Consciousness That He is eternal No one, except the Chaos - The Consciousness is afraid of the Chaos said the Irrelevant -The Matter is afraid of the Chaos- The Voice corrected him Those Consciousnesses Which were in symbiosis with Her And had been forgotten their entirety, Their origin They are afraid But the pure Consciousnesses Are not afraid of the Chaos Because they are the Chaos -Why the Chaos had created the Mattery asked the Irrelevant and shivered with the answer -To reach the only place he doesnt rule- My Temple 2. -6161 bullets The doctor was reiterating nervously As if he wanted to suggest himself That it was truth,- That is impossible Even for Shinobi Guendolin was staring at him with bewilderment You know, -he began to explain foolishly- Me and my son, play on a computer game at home His character has countless of lives and its easy -Dictor, please, is he alive!? He was startled by her painful voice Sorry, miss,yes, he is alive His was in hopless condition The operation was hell But his organism bore up -May I see him?,- She interrupted him with a pleading look She couldt control her voice and tears -You may stay here with him- the doctor replied with sympathy,- I shall ask the security to leave you in private But Im afraid that he is still in coma -Comatill now?-her tears frozed - ?- Whole of her body benumbed by cold, -But four days have past!? The doctor noded thoughtfully: Something very strange happened After the operation he regained consciousness at once He wrested his systems and pulled The intubator out of his throat The he started to laugh loudly And to groan We thought that it came from the pain Or it was due to a terrible remembrance Which had been unexpectedly ressurected I gave him some sedatives- Dromalgon- to stop the pain And Nimazin- to chase the nightmares Then he suddenly lose consciousness We pluged in the systems again We expected him to recover A few hours late The apparatuses was showing Normal functions of his brain and heart But he wasnt there It seemed there was noone in his body 3. Everything was white in the room The darkness swarming from the monitor Was getting closer to her eyes Closer Miss Hieman, your friend has fallen into deep coma Unfortunately Noone of us has not idea Closer The impulses of Consciousness- Green zigzaging comets Faded away The darkness blanked her She felt herself at once Meshed in it like in a cobweb Comets were writhing in that cobweb Stars were interlaced in it Plantes were spinning on its threads They were thousands Suddenly they all faded The Darkness was vibrating As if Someone attracted Her With invisible fingers And She might break apart every moment It was appearing A Nameless shadow THE IRRELEVANT XI BEFORE THE SUNSET 1. - The Temple?- he couldnt hide it- The Desire The Voice understood - Your interest is sinister too Because your Consciousness is subordinate To the Chaos He created the Matter once To overcome his own Spirit The Spirit is a a form of consciousness, A degree of consciousness The Spirit of Chaos is mighty But it is also poor The word selflessness Was incomprehensible to him But this word is the only key to me When the Matter was created The Chaos tore his own consciousness His spirit haunted every bit of flesh I haunted there too. But I was silent But in whole of this diversity Of Mattersomething happened Someones consciousness found out The Love, found out The Valour and Self-sacrifice They started to come One by one- the poor spirits Which were different now The idea of the Chaos came true But not entirely Thousands of Consciousness, parts of His own Liberated themselves and reached The Salvation of the Temple And they became a part of the most supremed state- The Harmony The Irrelevant was listening And was feeling the fight Between the rage and the reverence Inside of him The voice continued implacably -more of these spirits wasnt ready The Self-seeking was living in their Consciousness They were connected with the Flesh and The Chaos Stronger than The Harmony The Rebirth was for them- A sort of another more chance The Chaos understood He understood that He will never penetrate In the Temple Not in the state that he was He also understood that he was loosing himself Then he created the Warriors The Warriors of Darkness To exterminate the Matter And to bring Him his poor authority First that was mine and I created it That was my power to destroy Last that was mine, and I destroied it That was my ability to create The Irrelevant remembered The ancient Code -Who are these Warriors?-he asked Even he was feeling the answer They are from different races But in all of them lives the primary Chaos The Space decreases continuously And the meetings between them are inevitable- Meetings of predators The more powerful one engulfes the weaker They were 3 not long ago But you destroyed Godacam The Irrelevant send away his sun to a setting -Who is the last one?- he calmly asked While he was watching how his own shadow was prolonging -Onosma Graba- The Voice sounded like a heavy sigh,- The Hand of Darkness. THE IRRELEVANT XII THE DOOR 1. Grieving Castle Alley without sun Leaves unsweped Dreaming castle In bell without chime Are breaking our winds Your stars are distant And the tears of the towers are dripping In them unscented I roam embrace sword Fight with the naked autumns biting My lonely heart Everything is dead everywhere These halls are cold now Without your hands And the castle is seems made of ice Theres noone who may build fire back in my veins Where are you my love I woke up and want To return in my dream back again Empty addresses Mute door-bells I pushed today With hands of lead I woke alone You didnt make it and stay There with your world You are drifting in darkness eternal More far away from the Temple More close to the vacant Hell Listen two hearts now are beating Under my flesh and a new life Is growinig in me Your eyes are hiding in darkness. The powerless time Has stopped its run I remember that moment- I was standing At that Door like Im facing it now There was a locked room I asked you with fear You replied me with grief That the end is inthere If somebody opens once That Door It closes second time never It calls the star rain And death Lives in its room forever Those who had chosen To desecrate your home Broke down all doors They understand it first Then everyone had gone Cause You were that Door How can I return you from there You are fallen in coma Kind prisoner My dream is already lone Im disolute, homeless Irrelevant 2. On the Earth the thought is chasing the Space In the Space the thought is looking for the Earth He was standing in silence On his piece of planet He wasnt killing stars anymore He was watching beyond them The thought The only one who was waiting for me is to kill me And the Voice understood him and left him for a long time alone. But he called Him -Did you appear to anyone else of the Warriors -Only you could here me- said the Voice -Why was that ?- asked the Irrelevant -Because of the humanity in you 3. The stars there were lot, but immovable He was traveling among them like Haron In the Kingdom of the sleepers The black waters were drowning him with their dead streams And the man wasnt resisting As if he wanted to reach sooner The place of the Last Meeting Two giant moons slowly drew aside from his way Suddenly an astounding view opened out in front of his eyes IRRELEVANT XIII THE COLLECTOR 1. The harbour of Doomed He remembered a story A story about the black quay Where the ships stoped For the last time Beautiful schunes, proud caravels And brigantines light as a breeze They came to that place To sink forever Laded with their treasures Survived squalls and battles They gently went down At the end And in this last voyage Their captains and companies Didnt leave They sinked with their ships Formerly he couldnt understand What attracted them to that way To the black quay To the Harbour He couldnt understand Why they stood And now he was both- Black harbour, which attracted the Doomed ones And a doomed man, walking to the inevitability 2. Now the ships were planets Armadas of stars with fairy sails They were shining one by other Lightly touching themselves with their flames They all were staring the darkness And the darkness was freneticly cradling them Drinking their lights, gravitations Leaving them a bit of life To flicker without hope A giant harbour for a countless doomed And in its centre was the Madness 3. The Chaos thought I dont want to be an eye- only to watch I dont want to be a mouth Only to speak I want to be a hand Only to take He created Onosma And infuse his own Consciousness in him He left the Darkness for his flesh And the hand for a shape In such a way With fantasmic fingers Onosma began To unknit the Universe And as many galaxies he destroied As much he realized the ugliness of his perfection The Insanity settled in him She made him The extravagant sadist Of the Universum She transformed him Into the Collector 4. Onosma knew That he was the hand Which put a fullstop After each sentence The last hand in the last deal The end of the game without players Thats why he made a decision For a slow regaly fair Death He selected the magnificent creatures of Space Like a vanityman who searches Only the rearest and splendid jewels He swallowed the junks with a light hend He wanted to left at the end Only He and his collection Of jewelry Then Onosma, the Hand of Darkness Adorned himself with them All of bracelets from asteroids And rings from shining moons And not polished suns Should execute the mission That He carried in his mutilated From the sickness Consciousness His hand should put the last point After the phrase esthetics of the self-destruction 5. The road to the Last of the Warriors Was blocked From lethargicly swimming bodies The Irrelevant wrathfully scattered them Like billiards balls in the Space And appeared before the dark Hand Like a mythical mortal who stands Before the God of Doom Carried the sin enormous as a planet But looking not for his Redemption Or Retribution He only looked for Death IRRELEVANT XIV THE HAND OF DARKNESS 1. Onosma was nothing but A horrified contrast Between the Darkness and the Chaos As if someones palm had wrested a piece of flesh from the Darkness and its print had left in Her thick black blood The Irrelevant felt on his body The Look of the Primary Abyss And shuddered The Voice was not there at that moment 2. The fingers of the Collector were playing With a bloodless two-tailed comet - I was expecting you- it came like a ridicule from the darkness of His hand,- I see you ve brought me some gifts Your planet- its no good- damaged commodity But I can take the sun It makes a pretty halo The Irrelevant answered him - My sun and my planet Will not be necessary to you At the place where you will go after a moment As well as the all off the rested here You shall die ugly and poor And after that I must finish The work you couldnt do - You are amusing- said Onosma - - And carelessly reached For a star which became boring to Him Like a child who picked up a tin-foil candy From an endlessly giant bonbonniere The star disappeared absorbed,- -What is you name? The Last man was looking at him implicitly The Hand was crawling on the Darkness Like a spider on a cobweb His fingers found something: - Look what Im having for you. The man went numb It was looking like aspace ship Its construction was resembling To a castle with the towers A flying castlesleeping starship Its nozzles were gaping extinct -There is one of yours insidehe is sleeping He was the first one from your race Who set against me Thats why Ive kept it,- The Hand turned with whole of His emptiness To the Irrelevant And finished mercilessly : - And I dont need a second one 3. He was feeling it this time- The whisper of his name The Darkness was carrying him The unknown and many-sided black crowd Was carrying his coffin And eyes without tears And faces without lips were passing on His name Like a memory from a funeral dream IrrelevantIre-le-vantIrei le Vant Somwhere over the Darkness the white room freezed I n two still wormed pupils The monitor said: GAME OVER And put a green horyzon Of the Evening He felt the whole power of the Hand It was like a look that you cant turn away your eyes from The Chaos was calling him by the Hand The resistance was useless why do the brightest ships land on the Black quay Their bravely captains Why dont they leave them, why? The Hand sapped his oceans Wrested his mountains The punishment for the chaos was Chaos the seas , that I was kissing and mouthfuls of land that I was eating vanishedthey left me pain and one sun to look at myself in its mirror-face The SunHis sun- Lost in the Hand Disappeared like a card of a juggler There is sentiment in you Dad says that she is the sun now And every day she will rise for us There were robbing him again There were robbing his castle The land, on wich he was stepping now, Is not the same The oceans are not bloody They are not bloodynot bloody The oceans were gone And the painted outlines of the children bodies On the continents There were no continents - You are snow on my palm,- Onosma was talking,- Just a corpse in a white room Nobody like everyone I am the only truth In a dream from which you will not wake IRRELEVANT XV THE CORRIDOR 1. All the electric bells were awake When he went to the empty Corridor Illuminated by the quivering Of the alarming scarlet lights Untouching the ground He left his eyes Fixed in a white room Passed the medical attendance team With their heavy bodies Syringes and electrodes Trying to wake him up He passed them without smile Because the smile Also remained at his eyes In the Corridor He saw only A woman who was crying And stopped to wipe her tears But his caress passed through her face And he understood That he is UN-real again And they were many- the realities In one of them he was dr Irei le Vant An architect, enamoured of the archaeologist Guendolin Hieman Father of two beautiful childrenDEAD children In the other he was the Last Man The warrior of Chaos, who swallowing The Universe And were travelling on the remains Of his ravaged planet To the Last meeting With the Hand of Darkness May be just one of these realities Was true And the other was only a dream He had to choose But it was too late The third reality was Death And he was the Irrelevant Who could tear off from all the dimensions But unable To overcome Her The tears of the woman Were dripping through his palms Her lips were whispering his name Another spectre passed by him He recognized him but remained indifferent The man was one of these that he had sabred- the robbers The spectre went on to the Corridor As if he didnt saw his killer The Irrelevant Casted his wandering glance After him The Corridor unexpectedly ended Like an unfinished bridge in the Darkness And there, deeply in Her Unapproachable was blazing The Temple 2 The Hand diminished and concentrate His Darkness like a venom His fingers embraced The infirm body of The Last man Onosma whispered to him with deformed voice With undisguised sinistrity: - I shall drink from you,brother I want to drink you alive I shall throw you like a rag In the feet our father, Chaos Suddenly something rumbled As if in a place not far from there Someone had started a giant engine Fire in the nozzles flared A second after the Starship set free From the cobweb and touched down on the planet A tremor passed On the disfigured body Of the dying Earth The Hand freezed Gripped in His victim The walls of the Castle-ship Noiselessly separated And from its heart came out Unexpected as the Hope A woman all dressed in radiance She came up to the twoWarriors Without fear, with a divine determination In her eyes And her beauty was equal To her daring In her hands she was holding the Sword Forged in the Caves of the Winter From an icy firy The Sword bequeathed to her from a dying god- Her father Adrifis 3. Fateful Vespremorta crushed down the Hand With all the power of the Light The shout of Darkness split Chaos Heard from no one IRRELEVANT XVI RISE IN ME ! 1. Darkness gathered His hands It is time for the Prayer But whom Im gonna prey for now All my brothers perished My time expirated this day My way is oly one I have no faith, I have no soul All my brothers perished The Temple is vain like a tear Empty tear in empty night And His voice is strangest to me now All my brothers perished Do I have to betray my Hell To reach the Eden clean Who will relieve my heart All my brothers perished No one from the obsence have stood Closer to this Temple accept me I have no strenght to enter there I can only spit Him All my brothers perishedIt is time For me to follow them alone I turned my look straight to the Death But why She drew back from me? 2. One by one the fingers were tearing off and squirming Like cut off heads Of a dark dragon The Irrelevant was free But his lifeless body fall heavily on the terrified Earth Onosma turned His mutilated palm To his attacker The remnants of his fingers Stretched and started creeping to Her Like a worms crawled out Of the dead flesh of Darkness She met them with her sword Cut them up again and again But every time they gathered Around her and squeezed her Like snake hoops The girl moaned The Sword slipped from her hand The Palm came close to her And whispered: - All that time Untill you slept in your castle Among the stars I had the feeling that I owned Something unnecessary In my collection Now I understand- It is not you that I need Its not your castle either I need only Your heart -Onosma! The Irrelevant had stood up And was walking to him,- Rise in me,brother! The fingers relaxed their hold They submissively were creeping and fusing with the Palm The Hand of Darkness was though becoming silver-shine Like a little coat of arms on the flag of the Night The frozen planets suddenly came back to life Like clocks And everyone walked on its orbit Onosma said with a different, sad voice -I didnt wantthats whyI collected them -You didt want to meet the End, did you?- asked the Irrelevant -I didnt wantto kill any more I feltclosed, inanimatean instrumentI didt want. The girl was holding his sword back And was watching them The eyes of the Irrelevant were filling up with Darkness Like eyes of a mask His body froze for a second And took the outline of an opening Door The Hand vanished in it 3. On the left without sun Earth Were standing both She was still holding her Sword Nice castle- said the Irrelevant And looked at her - This is a starship- she answerd cautiously -I know- he uttered wistfully then turned and walked away 4. The doctors was looking like exhausted When the meandering green comets Started there racing on the monitor again The womans eyes were shining happy Like suddenly lit by the sun Small rainy windows There, in the Corridor She seemed to had been feeling his touch She understand and run in There, in the white room Somebody quietly had returned IRRELEVANT XVII THE RETURN OF RATI 1. I dont remember my land So mournful So much poor bit left On a tomb stone Water Unlost its sweetness Mother- faithful to her love Overcame by the old age Expecting With blood from saved tears My return A little more The Night is coming down Lower above you Like a shadow of bird You dont hear my heart, mother! , ! Darkness walks on you Oh, take my life, Abysses! Let Her see me again Like an expected morning Like desired child I am her Spring I want one moment- to warm her To close with a kiss Her worn out eyes Before the sleep To spill a smile On her face Then you take my life, Abysses! 2. In that Castle of Sleepers Im staying awake Watching my sick mother Earth I chased with a sword the Night from her eyes But she couldnt remember my face Someone else in the Darkness there roams A Starshooterwalking alone Wounded stars are fling down in his feet And he s building chambers from them Who is he, mother ?My icy father Only cold in his words left to me: You will fall in love into the Last human son Unconquerable hell be undone My sword will gather you in the day of no good And will separate you stained with blood! Who is he, mother, the roamer Under the fallen stars Does he merciful behind his scars 3. These castles of his, the are vanishing Who is he a mirage Or a guard of the Death His night called the goddess outside Like a chime of a heart His evening without face Called her to unknown place Where the stars are tearing nights flesh like a rapiers Another star Gonna die She is running to stop him And there in the Night His silhouette gape Open there like a grave Looming dark sarcophagus He looked at Her 4. -Why are you here- he asked Her,- I havent drawn you? -Noyou havent- She said I came of my free will 5. The snow was build a nest On the sheet iron sill In the white room suddenly became More cosily and warmly She was hopping That his body was feeling it too - Miss Hieman,- said the worried doctor You must not overstrain so much In your condition You must think about your baby Please, go home and have a rest We shall inform you If there will be some change The woman sadly caressed The little swelling on her stomach Her eyes looked at him with a silent request: - I would like- she said with sure,- To stay here Im still having strength I would like to be here with him When he awakes He needsus The evening was swallowing the world outside The room was shining with a calm light On the glasses of the windows The Winter had forged Litlle swords from ice. IRRELEVANT XVIII THE CONCEPTION 1. Her lips came up to his He warned her - Ive kissed only a stars - And did you still keep Any connection with them Asked playfully the goddess - None Answered the Irrelevant 2. They made love on the ruins Of the last star castle And their bodies looked like white statues Rised above a giant ancient sepulchre Rati was feeling how he was holding back his darkness And was protecting her with a piece of his remaining humanity She was feeling the breath of the emptiness While he was holding her Like a cold draught coming from the threshold Of a steady locked door She was like a butterfly Gently hidden between his palms And he was trying to carry her unharmed Over the century-old cold Of his heart The goddess knew that there wasnt fire in it She was daughter of the Winter And the only tenderness that have given to her Was the smile of an edge- The edge of Vespremorta Im not like the other butterflies- Thought Rati It is not the flame that is attracting me It is the one who is blowing out the candle 3. She felt the pain only when The mans body stood still on her She tried not to betray it But one tear rolled down alone And stopped in his hand He caressed her lips: - I thought I have destroyed the whole Pain Of this world -I didnt cry from Pain- she whispered He didnt understand -I mastered the Grief too It has no power over our memories My tears are not from memories They are from fear. Im afraid that I ll loose you soon I love you! She hold him tide And this time the Irrelevant Didnt draw back 4. She told him about the First civilization About the race of Gods- who had reached the Harmony But had left the Temple to return And to teach the Humans to the Way of the Light But inside of the Humans lived Chaos They revolted against the Gods And against themselves With the progress of civilization came The insane impetus to a Self-destruction The War killed averyone The nuclear winter bound the Earth For a couple of ten years During that time Ratis father- Adrifis Built the Vessel of Sleepers And put in it frozen embryos and seeds From all the animals and plants on this world Hours before the start of the End The Vessel tk off and got into orbit Around the Earth, it hed been programmed to returned on Her After 40 years For that period the father and his daughter Sank into a cryostatic sleep The were awoken from the landing of the starship But the planet was still the captive of the cold Everyone who had decided to take the way of Harmony Had to make one great sacrifice Greater than the mans own life The father of Rati was taciturn and severe He hated the weapons But he had forged one- the sword Vespremorta He willed it to his little daughter With the words Create Paradise! Keep it from the Darkness With this sword! Than Adrifis went down Deeply to the still burning heart of Earth And detonate the sleeping volcano Blefaroston Along with himself The lava erupted on the surface And warmed the frozen planet Rati planted on her The seeds kept on the starship And the Earth accepted them like mother- Her saved from a fire children The Earths love was boundless She gave from her life to all She took care about the creatures That were saved and bred by Rati And only the young woman knew That thare was something different in them As if she saw not those Flowers and beasts before her departure to Space But other creatures- characters from fairy-tales and myths She understood that the War had left Her poison in the milk of the planet Understood that she was different in a beautiful world And her loneliness was reflected in the good eyes Of her children But she understood that Her Way Was the care about their Salvation So she became the peace-making goddess Spring 5. And when one night Onosma the Hand Appeared in the Earths sky Incrusted with stars and desired Her world Rati went on the bord of her similar to a castle ship And set out with him and the glorious Vespremorta To a battle against the Darkness Onosma was impressed He didnt expect anyone in the Universe To resist Him He captured her, but didtallow her death The castle of Sleepers and the goddess closed in it Became the one of His most valued adornments He wished to engulf the planet And to continue his destructive way But Chaos ordered him to spare it What will happen- Chaos was thinking While he was watching The resistance of the young goddess If in the creature with a strenght like this Will instil the Darkness? That night after the Ratis kidnapping Was conceived the Irrelevant IRRELEVANT XIX THE TEMPLE Andaia Remn neana Irrelevant Inikan brefa dorum simima Nom see- nei, nom odroo-nei We andaia nen dorum dobia Mende noremn snas evesipna Pemtai nei ivi sani You were a man, became an Irrelevant What did you win, loosing everything ne sunrise,one sunset That was your life Is there anybody who can understand That the day between them is eternal 1. The Light had waken her up She felt its weight on her eyelids She instinctively reached for the sword But it wasnt next to her The mans place on her other side Was vacant Stars were hovering above her head And in every moment one of them was shooting down Illuminating with her flight the delirious Earth And the restless face of Rati Why are you flying round, star vultures-she was thinking Did you smell someones Death? Another meteor scratched the Night Like a match And burned out hissing before touching the Earth She saw him on its light The man was standing with his back to her His naked body was phosphorescenting Only his hands were hidden in Darkness Rati came close silently to her lover He turned slowly as if he felt her She screamed out by terror and fear- One of his hands was gripping the bloody sword In the other one he was holding his heart 2. -Why?!- she was crying through her tears-Why! Why! She felt in his feet hugging them And her tears didnt stop, they didnt stop, they choked her up He reeled like an wooden set Abandoned on the wind The words were hardly coming from his mouth I had to do it for youfor everyone That is the only way to leave the Darkness The only way to stop the killing of stars He went down on his knees and leaned against his sword His heart felt on the ground The blood was trickling down the edge of Vespremorta And covered the inscription Resurrect the Death to destroy her She was holding him, but he Wasnt feeling her embrace any more The stars had stopped falling Released from the power of Irrelevant - I was dreaming a sad womanin a white room He uttered with a weaking voice- She was standing next to my bed And she was cryingThe sun was with her For a while It is me- Rati was sobbing. Its only me here with you There is no sunonly me and the NightDont go away Please, dont go! I love you! Dont leave me! I love you! He wasnt hearing her -the sunwent out through that Corridor and leave the Door openedfor me The man quiet down in her lap She shook his head in a mute hysteria Than as if she wasnt realized the End She continued cradling him And repeating the words I love you! Left over with no sense in the Darkness 3. The Temple was glowing like a white fountain In the dry Darkness The dead were waiting at His doors Thats strange- thought the Irrelevant The more I get close to Him The more He looks me so unreal The crowd of ghosts was making him way It seemed he was walking on the Darkness And they were wrapped up in it The Irrelevant had looked with no fear In the fiery eyes of countless stars He got used with their cold shine And ignored it, but now The Light seemed to be alive and had a Voice She was breathing him in, penetrating into him Warm as a blood and She was purifying him The Temple doors were opening Affably as angels wings The rays that was flinging from his inside Blind the dead and they was turning away with moan Their immaterial faces to the Darkness The Irrelevant stopped on the threshold Fanned from the magic flame From the shining inside of the Temple Like a starship went on the road to the Sun He stopped to look at the Earth for the last time She seemed to him so suffering And the woman, who was lamenting for him Was so lone and distant He turned his eyes to another before And recognized his body wich was heavy with the Darkness In the foreign white room, recognized the woman Who was waiting for him with her scilent tears Like a burning candle - Comestep in- the Voice of the Temple befriended him chantingly Enter your new home- the home of the Light - You- faltered the Irrelevant,- you are the Voice That was talking with meWhy did you leave? - Because I understood, that you didnt need me anymore You overcome yourself aloneYou killed The rest of the messengers of the Chaos And your sacrifice brought the Salvation for the world You are already deserving to go in me I am the Door to the Harmony Her perfect eternity is waiting for you Be welcome - You are wrong, - said the Last Man Stepped on the Emptiness without Earth under his feet And his voice resounded like a hit of a wedge On the stone walls of the Night, Theres one more left, that I must kill - All warriors of the Darkness are already dead- Said the Temple - But not the warrior of the LightNot you. The Irrelevant was staring Him Suddenly the Temple enveloped by threatening white flames His rays mowed down the Night And her dead run and hid deeply In Her wounded flesh The Irrelevant didnt move -What do you want to make, madman- the Voice shouted him angry- Can you cut your own way to Salvation -Way? smiled the Irrelevant No one of the Ways is mine I wrest by my own from their Doom -But you have no other choice except the Chaos and the Harmony- thundered the Voice of the Temple -You are both Death- said heavily the Irrelevant I want only my life Formerly I was afraid of You The creatures of the whole Universe Was roaming between this two states of yours Enticedblind And their way was a circle of the Redemption Everything that was alive had to feel sin Ever since his birth And had to include in the endless column Of mournful souls, which eternally went Under the unceasing whip of the both overseers Pain and Sorrow on your way Or on the way of Chaos Now I want you to know- the Irrelevant raised his voice The mainstay of the Temple shuddered- I didnt come here For the self-sacrifice, not either for your tempting Harmony - I came to see you, and to make you understand That I create my race again And it will continue its life without fear- In Me. I shall tear away from the Chaos I shall tear away from the Harmony And I shall create a new Irrelevant state There those who are alive will can be live for real Without fear of Retribution, witout fear of Separation And everyone will be welcome to that state Everyoneexcept the Death That is Utopia- the Temple almost cried Your mind is sick That is Reality-tore off the Irrelevant - Hardly darkened his look And you are dead IRRELEVANT XX STATE OF IRRELEVANT Someone have to create Bridge over the bridges of Light Someone have to grow dim The window on the wall of the Night Someone have to burn down On the altar of the Eternity and with last of breath Someone have to go on And to take his before in Death Old Chaos- the Harmonys foe Doesnt smile with vacant eyes The ancient Darkness doesnt exult The Temple is dead, with broken rays Listen, Darkness- beat of a heart Were forcing you out from your mighty fortress Light, he lifted alone your sky On the pillars of torn dimensions He, the Man- with a second left life Divided the Ocean for a piece of Land He, the Man- made a bridge through the Abyss Planted the Reality in his dream He, the Man- standing between vacuum and quantum In a state of I R R E L E V A N T 2. The whole ward had gathered In the white room The young woman was crying again But this time with tears of joy One hand- covered with systems Was gently caressing her stomach The monitor read an excitement Someones eyes, which she had been waiting For long to open Now were looking at her blinkless Deep and wistful -Hey- she whisperd with a smile trying to struggle with her tears,- You came back!I was afraid That you have forgotten me -I took care of some thingsThere- He said mysteriously- And on his lips was shining the same warm smile That had missed so much to her Theres nothing that you have to afraid from any more 3. From the remains of the Last Castle Was hearing a babys cry And was sweeping like an angels dream Over the tortured face of Earth The edge of Vespremorta Was stained in blood again The sword who brought the Death of the Irrelevant Now cut the navel string of his son -One is the blood of Darkness and Light- whispered Rati and kissed her child You have your fathers eyes do you know that? The boy took his look off her smile And rose it to the empty sky Rati shouted in amazement- After a moment there appeared a new sun