To The Moon And Back

Нова Фреш (nova)

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/not by Savage Garden/ Once upon a time there was a princess who just like Pippi Longstocking didn't want to grow up. The princess was living in the Kingdom of confusions all her life, but she loved travelling and wanted to travel very much, see new lands and new monsters. Now, the Kingdom of confusions had many weird habits like … people were nodding their heads in a different way from anybody else. All the foreigners who were visiting the Kingdom not only did not understand the language, but also the signs of communication as well. Thus they counted on their instincts in order to communicate with the locals. Well, the foreigners didn't bother much about any miscommunication, because it was the Kingdom of confusion after all. Thus things were supposed to be misunderstood, miscommunicated and most of all confused. Just for the record, in the Kingdom of confusions lived 3 types of monsters - tigerish, silly and squared monsters. The tigerish monsters were cruel, with orange skin on spots that were showing all the bad things they'd done. They were also snoring at nights, sometimes in days too, and were eating princesses. The silly ones were more like big white birds and were not sure where they were going and what they were doing, but you could drink, dance and laugh with them. The squared ones knew only mathematics and it was impossible for the princess to explain to a squared monster why she wanted to travel for example, because for the squared monsters travelling was something amorphous, and didn't fit in the laws of squares, triangles, not even circles. So ... the princess wanted to travel very much. And she was a little bit confused by the fact that she was usually forced to do it only within the country and to places that some other person's circumstances had defined for her. She was just perfect at being at the wrong place with the wrong monsters. That was making her mad and sad at one and the same time. But because she was sure it all happened for a reason ... she was just following those someone else's circumstances and places. Now, what was worse, or we can also say even stupid, was the fact that the princess could live only with silly monsters, but she always came across tigerish or squared ones. Thus, as the years passed, our princess lost her heart, her arms, one of her legs, and which was worse her eyes. The tigerish monsters ate them. We could say things were not that bad because she was still having a part of herself ... but then one day she was arguing on a very important issue with a squared monster and Oh, she lost her voice as well. Poor princess! Now, don't think it was all so bad … at least because our princess was not thinking that way at all. 1st she had found the right pilot for her plane, but she was keeping it as a secret, because she was afraid of the monsters. Oh, we forgot to mention the most important fact of our story - the princess was planning from the very beginning her biggest trip, which was supposed to be a trip for lifetime, to the moon and back and she was just waiting for the right kind of pilot to come. So, if we get back to her conclusions, we’ll see that: 1st she had found the right kind of pilot and 2nd the year before a silly monster had given her a sword to fight and had named her the princess of swords. As the princess of swords was waiting for the pilot to get himself ready and come, so they could go on that trip to the moon and back she was fighting with monsters. Of course, she was strong, mighty and very good at fighting, but you can’t beat a whole Kingdom with monsters. Thus she started losing different parts of herself, while waiting for the pilot to come. She even lost her sword. All that had left was the plan for a trip to the moon, and she was still having it just for the fact she was keeping it a secret. We have to mention right here that her family was also a family of squared and tigerish monsters. It is not clear how come she was born a princess in a family of monsters, bur I don’t think it is that important to go into the depths of the origin questions. The princess had just accepted the fact and was determined to escape it. She did it and started sending messages using silly monsters in order not to lose the connection with family. You know it’s no good to lose the connection with any family. As she lost her sword and most of herself in all kinds of battles, she decided it was better to go undercover and get a nickname. In order to protect herself better from the tigerish monsters she put herself a label “Orange”, because they were orange … well, her family stopped understanding the messages she was sending, the silly monsters stopped talking to her and the tigerish monsters stopped fighting with her because of the new label. And it was still all so good, because it was all done because of the plan for the trip to the moon. Finally, one day the pilot got in contact with her. She was so happy and even started preparing for the trip … but it went all wrong, because the pilot was mad with the princess’ new label and told her he was not going anywhere with an Orange. She tried to explain, but if you remember she lost her voice in an argument with a squared monster, she couldn’t use the language of the body, because she lost most of herself in the battles with the tigerish monsters … and all she could do is send the pilot a message: “She’s taking her time making up The reasons To justify all the hurt inside Guess she knows from the smile And the look in their eyes Everyone’s got a theory about the Bitter one They’re saying mamma never loved Her much And daddy never keeps in touch That’s why she shies away from Human affection But somewhere in a private place She packs her bags for outer space And now she’s waiting for the right Kind of pilot to come And she’ll say to him She’s saying I would fly to the moon and back if You’ll be If you’ll be my baby Got a ticket for a world where we Belong so would you be my baby She can’t remember a time when she Felt needed If love was red then she was colour Blind all her friends they’ve been tried for Treason and crimes that were never defined She’s saying love is like a barren Place And reaching out for human faith is Is like a journey I just don’t have a Map for So baby’s gonna take a dive and Push the shift to overdrive Send a signal that she’s hanging All her hopes on the stars What a pleasant dream But somewhere in a private place She packs her bags for outer space And now she’s waiting for the right Kind of pilot to come And she’ll say to him I would fly to the moon and back if If you’ll be my baby” She posted the message and went to get shower to clean the label “Orange”. Either she was leaving for the moon or becoming transparent till the end of the moon. What did the pilot do? … To be continued