Watching The Storms


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I swim in the same sea like you
I’m trying to reach the light
I see the shadows
The shadows of people from the past
I can see them in the bottom
You say “Oh my God”
And yes
I’m here again
Don’t kiss me for goodbye
I will be always here
Around the sun
In the sea
Full of forgotten memories

Our foots are touching the sand
The cold rain remind me of you
Look the sky
See the clouds
Don’t you remember all the sad moments of your life
Don’t you want to close your eyes
The wind is turning to storm
The rivers overflow
Now I don’t feel
I can’t hear
I can only imagine your smile
I can only say “Oh My God
Is this the end?”

Now the clouds are black
The giant waves are colored in dark blue
Just like my shirt
I reach out the sky
The first thing that come out in my mind that today nobody called me on the phone
Such an irony
I can’t see the sun
Everything is full of black clouds
And I won’t stop this moment
Everything is so beautiful