The Real Truth

Анатоли Кирилов Илиев (age killer)

Раздел: Поезия на чужд език  Цикъл:

When I open up the door there is only pain, only sorrow.

Whatever I try to do - it turns against me.

I am searching for myself deep inside my past.

Fillled with mistakes, filled with lagh.

Filled with everything I used to dream about.


Now I'm falling, not touching the ground - not yet.

Everything I wanted to be -

seems to be from far passed times.


There is sorrow, there are tears drowning all my dreams -

leaving me without faith, without hope.

And I'm searching for myself, deep, deep inside my past -

trying to find a dream that is still alive.


And there is sorrow, there are tears drowning all of my feelings,

leaving me without a will to fight for all those things,

that used to be the Real Truth for me.