Finality: April 9, 2002

Simeon Dimitrov s psevdonim Simon Cleveland (dimitrovs)

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Is it our friend or enemy?

Should we be afraid of the unknown?

The answer to the question lies within our social upbringing

within the culture, environment and education.

The principles that men abide by

are formed with time and with some effort.

However, it is amusing to observe how

ideas and emotional discussions can

hinder all these principles and

trash them as if they were some sort of spiritual garbage.

It we are to endure the span of time that equates our lives,

it is imperative that we stay firm to our principles

for they outline a frame that brings us order to the chaotic processes

occurring every moment.

The principles are like a path

that leads the person through a forest.

The trees, the weeds and bushes are representations of the internal confrontations

that humans have to deal with.

The path however is the principle that gives us comfort and assurance that

someone has already gone ahead and passed the tests of time, emotions and of fears

and had created road that cuts thru all the burdens of the forest.

And can all our principles befriend us with finality?

The answer lies within these principles.

If they are sound and following them bring us peace,

then finality can never be an enemy. It then becomes a tree, a shrub, a bush that simply lies beside the road.

If our principles are weak, then we will struggle

with the issue of ‘the end.’

The more finality approaches us, the more we will wonder in the forest,

alone, afraid and lost.

Without the road, without the peace, we will be prisoners of our own fears.

The answer to this monolog is to encourage our personalities to follow our principles.

If we lack them, we must build them.

If we have them, we should refine them.

If we traded them for something else,

we should reevaluate that transaction

and if it’s not too late, we should get them back.

The principles are answers to finality,

to have them is to cope with the unknown.