Reminiscence: January 14, 2002

Simeon Dimitrov s psevdonim Simon Cleveland (dimitrovs)

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Oh feeling of desire and of lust,

your powers are surrounding me

and pressing all the weight of sin.


Your desperate attempts to stricken from my soul

what holy has remained

are almost succeeding.


I am aware that I am sinning.


But wait! Within my heart I feel the power of the mind.

I cannot find the love of God, but I can find my own imagination

that somehow can comfort me and guide me.

It is assuring, warm and with a purpose.


I praise thee, my own feeling of affection for myself.

For thou it may sound conceded – I admit – I love myself

and my own mind.


I love this wonderful creation of my parents’ love and lust

for life, for generation that will continue their feelings,

their dreams and aspirations.


I cannot be mad – I am created in the image of the Human.

and I am proud…

Because the human is the ruler of the earth, the master of

the beauty and the pain.

I bow to you - Myself.