A flying diver

Вайлет Р. Кецкарова (allyvrk)

Раздел: Проза на чужд език  Цикъл: Reflections EN

What prevents me from doing what I want to do once I know it, you asked. I didn’t answer right away. Guess I’ve never thought of it… Yet I had a notion… a feeling!
Wrong choices! The words came alone to me now. Can you help me escape wrong choices?

Diving! I did it! I wished to learn swimming! They said it was easy! ‘See? So many people do it. You can, too!’
Sure, I could! A family of swimmers – why should I be different? A pear falls no far from its tree (ok, not quite sure about how it sounds in English, but in Bulgarian it is supposed to be a proverb).
So, I admitted I could do it! I kinda liked it, even, in the beginning.
Diving! Almost there… 91…92…93…94… One meter more (no – 5!) and I will breathe… 95…96… I’m drowning… NO-O-O 97… HELP ME! RESCUE ME... Hey, anybody there?
Need to take a breath 98… almost unconscious …99… A smile… light! Eternal bliss…
I’m flying! Now, at last!
God, I only wish to fly! I realize it now! All my life, I only wished to fly! I wanted, dreamed, imagined flying! Like I almost could… not only in the free time, while not too busy/tired of swimming lessons, this time for real… Yet my wings remained nailed to the key…
Now I only wish to fly! HELP ME, SET ME FREE!!!!!