autoBiography /in singular and a few other persons/ Tsvety* Antova was born, like all flowers, on the 22nd of March, 1981 in Sofia. The flower grows in its home pot for a while, after which is taken to Scotland. There it remains for whole five years, after which it decides to come back home. Until now I have numerous years of studying and working. Now I only work. Not married. With lots of children. We are happy, unless we are sad. You think that we talk kind of smart, unless we talk loads of crap. ;o) Online they use the names: RainbowRay, Piglet (under the knife), Diavoliche in Bulgarian. Also Daisy and Rising Dea in English. Sometimes they use their own name. Suffers from acute SIXtophrenia. Obviously. I hope you enjoy my odd poetry. ;o) * Tsvety means flower in Bulgarian language.